Learning Objectives:

Expand your existing Hygiene treatment model through the adjunctive use of lasers.                                                                                                   Interpret laser tissue interaction, power settings and the various techniques used to obtain optimal clinical outcome with periodontal therapy, recall, medically compromised patients, and difficult to manage areas.                                                                                                                                       Learn the specifics of initiated and bare fiber tip applications.

Practice the clinical technique and methods associated with laser sulcular debridement and disinfection.

Successfully Increase the Number of Hygiene Laser periodontal therapy, laser recall management, and laser surgical procedures per day, and profit from your patients saying “YES” to the incorporation of laser technology.

Speaker Biography:

Janet Press, RDH, Fellow of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, has 22 years clinical experience in soft tissue lasers. Ms. Press holds Standard Proficiency in both Diode and Nd: YAG lasers. Previously, Janet spent 10 years as co-director of the Dynamic Team and Laser Certification Programs at Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies (LVI). Janet speaks internationally on the successful practice model for Lasers in Dental Hygiene.

Diode Laser Certification in the US

Laser is changing the way traditional dentistry is viewed and practiced.

Join in as we take a comprehensive scientific journey that teaches the value of laser assisted dental hygiene, its relationship to healing,and the patient’s perception of the laser in their overall treatment acceptance. 

Certificate programs that meet the curriculum guidelines for Dental Laser Education for licensed Dental Professionals

​Available Programs:  

  • 1 Day (8CE Credits) Hands-On Simulation Workshops 
  • 1 1/2 Day (12CE Credits) Hands-On Simulation Workshops  
  • 2 Day (14 CE Credits) Private in -office Training with Live Patient Laser Treatment  

​Working with hands –on simulation exercises, detailed instrumentation photography and video, these programs are designed to build new clinical skills, confidence, and clinical understanding in the delivery of periodontal treatment protocols by using Soft Tissue Dental Lasers.   


Lasers In The Hands Of Dental Hygienists